• Lilac Breasted Roller

  • Bateleur

  • Kori Bustard

  • Crowned Cranes

  • Ground Hornbill

Walking Safaris & Bird Watching

For the adventurer – bush walks and hiking tours

Although bush walks and hiking tours in the Masai Mara Game Reserve are strictly prohibited, we offer our guests the exciting adventure of a walking safari in the Siana Conservancy. Feel, smell, hear and touch wild Africa. Our specially trained guides will ensure your safety at all times while explaining to you the traditional medicinal uses of different shrubs and trees as well as the tracks and spoors of the animals in the Siana Conservancy.

The smaller creatures such as dung beetles, chameleons and small gazelles are the true stars of our walking safaris. You will have time to appreciate the intricacies of this diverse eco system that is a fundamental part of the Masai Mara.

Spirit of the Masai, working in partnership with Secret Compass (http://secretcompass.com/ ) offers bespoke extended walking safaris through the Greater Mara ecosystem. Typically, these involve groups of 10-12 guests on a 5 day walking safari. Vehicle support is used to transport tents, water, food and luggage, leaving our visitors unburdened to enjoy the scenery. For more information please contact info@spiritofthemasaimara.com

Bird viewing

More than 570 bird species can be found in the Masai Mara, making it the perfect place for ornithologists to see a rare bateleur or saddle billed stork. For real twitchers we suggest you take advantage of the services of Ohad, one of our freelance guides, an expert with an in-depth knowledge and vast experience of the birds of East Africa.  Special care has been taken with the vegetation surrounding the lodge to encourage a wide variety of bird species that can be viewed from your suites.