When you are visiting the Masai Mara there are so many different activities for you to enjoy and to fully explore and get to know the surrounding areas. At The Spirit of the Masai Mara we have a deep connection with the local community and we are always looking at ways for our guests to feel like they have made a genuine connection themselves with the wildlife all around, but also the people that live here and make it what it is. One way we can achieve that is by offering exciting excursions – one of which is a community visit into a Masai village.

Spirit of the Masai Mara has several options when it comes to excursions and attractions away from the luxury of our suites. This includes game drives, hot air ballooning, and the aforementioned community visits into the local Masai Mara villages.

What is a Masai Mara Community Visit?

It is an excursion that we put on where our guests are taken into a local village and given a first-hand experience of the Masai culture, history, and lifestyle. You’ll be shown traditional Masai dancing and jumping contests, be part of demonstrations where you learn how to effectively use a spear and a bow and arrow, and also be shown how the Masai make fire. In some cases, the lucky guests are present during a ceremonial ritual where young Masai transition between generations – from a child, to a warrior, and onto an elder.

We don’t offer excursions to Masai villages on a regular basis, as we do not wish to disturb local culture to the extent it becomes a constant show. Instead, we only arrange the trips on special request of our guests, and where it is convenient for the local hosts.

Luxury Safari Accommodation

If you are interested in visiting the Masai Mara and seeing wonders of wildlife that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world, we have luxury safari accommodation at The Spirit of the Masai Mara. Our holiday retreat is luxurious, comfortable, relaxing, and is also home to some knowledgeable tour guides who can provide you with exciting excursions and activities that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

Our team understands that our guests are always interested in the balance between a relaxing experience in one of our exclusive suites (that number 10). Each suite has been designed using local materials and designs, evoking The Spirit of the Masai Mara. You’ll have a large bedroom that smacks of comfort and elegance, a private bar and veranda to watch the natural beauty all around you. There is nothing quite like sitting back with a glass of wine and looking over the vista of the Masai Mara.

We have a range of activities in the local areas for you to choose from during your stay with us, including hot air ballooning, game drives, bush walks, and local community visits. If you would like to find out more about our stunning Masai Mara retreat and our choice of luxury suites, book a safari holiday with us today.