The ‘Green Season’ is one of the most spectacular times of year for you to come and visit the Masai Mara. It is the time of year that falls between or just after the annual rains. It is the perfect time of year to see so many different types of wildlife, as it emerges from the rivers and the waterholes as well as the lush grasslands and fresh grazing opportunities. It is this fresh vegetation that is the start of the migration of the large herds of wildebeest, as well as zebra that makes this part of the world so special.

You might have heard a few people say that green season isn’t the best time of year to visit the Masai Mara. It could be because the climate is hot and sticky at this time of year, there are more bugs around due to the perfect breeding conditions and the tall grass and luscious vegetation makes it harder to spot animals as they wander around the landscape. All of this is true when compared with other times of the year in this part of the world, but there are so many positives that outweigh these things.

There are quite a few fantastic reasons to visit during the green season, with the migration of wildebeest herds starting just after the rains into this part of Africa. Alongside this, the birthing season begins in earnest during green season and you’ll get to experience the plains full of cubs, calves, foals, fawns and other babies of the magnificent creatures you have come to spot.

This is also a fantastic time of year to spot the thousands of colourful birds that have migrated to the Masai Mara and take residence on the lakes and lagoons of the continent throughout this period.

There is definitely one type of tourist that loves this type of year more than others, and that is the wildlife photographer. Whether you are a professional photographer or love taking photos for personal pleasure, the Masai Mara during green season will give you the best light of the entire year. There is a warm golden light with moody skies occasionally and a clear air that makes for eye-catching photographers that truly pop with colour. As it isn’t the most popular time of year, green season is when you can have so much more space and time with the wildlife to yourself!

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