The Siana Conservancy

The exclusive Siana Conservancy is a fully formed wildlife conservancy, located on the boundaries of and with immediate access to the Masai Mara National Reserve, and aims to preserve the surrounding wildlife and the culture of the Masai in an area of 35.000 acres. Spirit of the Masai Mara works successfully – together with other lodges – with the Masai landowners of the Nkoilale community and assists them to get true individual titles in return for the area to be leased back at viable commercial rates for wildlife conservation. The Siana conservancy offers a unique privatised high quality wildlife viewing area with no minibuses.

This form of environmental management ensures a sustainable income for the local community based on their land titles whilst optimizing the area for the surrounding wildlife. A delicate balance has to be struck between the needs of pastoral cattle herders and the diverse wildlife. This is no small undertaking and involved the creation of ranger units, infrastructure, fee systems and a management body.

Together with two other lodges we have been able to secure funding from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support us in improving the infrastructure of the area as well as employing rangers and a conservancy manager.

Since the Siana Conservancy operations commenced in June 2016, the influx of wildlife has been tremendous. The conservation area is popular with elephants, the largest migration of wildebeest for 23 years has been witnessed on our door steps and four different prides of lions are establishing their territory within the conservancy – just to name a few.

While it is vital for Spirit of the Masai Mara to protect its surrounding nature and wildlife, it is equally important to support the Masai community and to secure their involvement in the protection of the flora and fauna. Our Community Conservancy Rangers have grown up in the local area and are undergoing continuous training to enhance their wildlife conservation skills as well as using GPS technology to monitor the wildlife.

Guests are invited to discuss any aspect of the conservancy with the management of Spirit of the Masai Mara.